A new batch of Opinel knives have just arrived at Brook Farm General Store. These knives, widely considered a design classic, have been made in the Savoie region of France by the Opinel family for over one hundred years.

Joseph Opinel

Joseph Opinel

Joseph Opinel invented the Opinel folding knife in 1890, and had sold over 20 million by World War II. In 1985 the Victoria and Albert museum included the knife in their exhibition, 100 Most Beautiful Objects in the World. 

Early Opinel Knife

Early Opinel Knife

The folding knife has hardly changed since its creation. Some safety features have been added including a lock ring.

Opinel No.8

Opinel No.8

We sell the classic No.8, which has a beechwood handle and stainless steel blade. Buy here.

Opinel knife with bone handle.

Opinel knife with horn handle.

We also have a fancier version with a horn handle. Buy here.

Recently Opinel have introduced a line of kitchen knives. We sell the Bread Knife and a set of assorted essential kitchen knives.


Opinel bread knife.

Opinel bread knife.

Buy here.

Opinel small kitchen knife set.

Opinel small kitchen knife set.

Buy here.


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  1. jessica lee

    Those are beautiful. I can’t wait to buy a set when I get back to ny.

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