Fog Linen

Late last summer, a few months after we opened, Yumiko Sekine, the designer of Fog Linen Work in Japan, came to our store. After meeting her that day, we kept in touch, and have been slowly expanding our selection of Fog Linen products ever since.

When Yumiko started her company in Japan in 1993, it was as an importer of American and European housewares. But the more she hunted, the more she realized that she could not find the type of simple, everyday linens she was looking for. The well-made, affordable textiles she had grown up with were no longer widely available, and the centuries-old traditions of spinning and weaving linen were in danger of disappearing. So Yumiko found herself a mill in Lithuania, a country with a long history of high quality  linen production, and began producing her own line of linen household items. And are we ever glad she did.

linen napkins

linen place mat

linen dish towel


linen pouch

bath mat

bath mitt

leather key cover



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3 responses to “Fog Linen

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  2. I am in love with this Fog Linen! Do you know if they sell yardage?! It is getting my creative juices going as well!

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